We Are Staying Up, I said We Are Staying Up!

So, after all the drama and controversy of the World Cup it was back to the weirdly suspended drama of the domestic league season and, for Forest fans, the big question: could we manage to hold on to our restored status back in the top flight - one we'd waited for ever-so-patiently for twenty three years. Previously: Argentina win the World Cup! Steve Cooper's Magic Before I rewind the clock back to the day I set off for blighty to spend a couple of weeks in England watching domestic football (and Forest four times) then head off to Europe, let's rewind just a bit more... ...  not even two years previously, to the 17th September 2021.  Forest were really in dire straights then... Championship Table on 17th September 2021 Forest were bottom of the league then too, but remember this was the second tier! Under Chris Hughton, the team had started terribly and Forest were bottom of the league without a win in their opening seven games. Predictably, a majority of Forest fans wer